Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I finally finished refurbishing my dresser! I used a darker blue than on my other dresser, but with accents that match it. I bought brushed nickel knobs that match the handles on other one, too. It's all very exciting. Alex and I also rearranged our small, messy closet (it was about time), which makes me very happy.

Here's the before:

Notice the fake double drawers, the molding, and the lovely brass handles and knobs.

First things first, we took off the molding above and below the bottom drawers. We recarved the feet. Then I sanded down the entire thing. I was hoping to get it down to the wood and restain it, but the varnish was unbelievable thick. But at least I got to use my new electric palm sander!

I did the drawers first. I used wood putty to fill the old holes, and redrilled new ones for just two knobs on each drawer. Then came the spray paint. Parts of them got this weird stippling effect, but I was too cheap to buy primer or anything, so I just agreed to let that be an interesting texture. I love this photo: the clouds reflected in the blue.

I painted the entire dresser blue, except the feet, which I painted the lighter color. Alex sawed the front molding piece out of a flat board and I painted it the lighter color, too.

Finally I added all the knobs and screwed the front piece, then put in all the clothes! Yay finish!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Batman Bag!

I've been sitting on this pattern by Lula Louise and this amazing Batman sheet I picked up at a thrift store for a while now. Finally I really needed another bag, and have the time, and decided to make it! It started off by me emptying out my giant box of sewing stuff. Since I'm an amateur and very poor, the only things I really keep on hand are scraps from old clothing and thrift stores and a few pieces of sale fabric I couldn't pass up. After sifting through, I cut the pattern out of the Batman sheet and some white linen. The pattern doesn't call for pockets, but I need them. I used yellow t-shirt sleeves to back a couple villains; I made a double pocket with a flap; and I made a couple invisible pockets on the Batman fabric.

After getting the pockets on, I was back to the pattern. Sewing the two pieces together wasn't bad (well, curves are slightly problematic). The bottom of the bag was really the hardest part (besides the pockets). It called for a basting stitch to gather it around the short ends, but that didn't really work too well for me. I did better when I just gathered it by hand. Of course, at this point it was 2am ;) I also actually pressed the fabric every time I was supposed to!! I'm so proud of myself for actually trying to make something pretty... (Also, notice my beautifully color-coded pins *swoon*)

Once I had the bottom sewn on, I turned the bag right side out and whip stitched the hole closed. Isn't she beautiful? *tear*

I'm really jazzed with how it turned out.

*note: I had to cut the Batman side in two pieces, because I wanted the pattern to be right side up on both sides! *pats self on back for foresight*

Monday, March 16, 2009


What a great birthday!! Between my fiance and his parents, I received a whole bucket of yarn and several sets of knitting needles! I'm going to be busy for months :D I can't wait to start on some new projects! I've been rather busy, but I should be finishing up the grass creatures soon.

From some friends I also received a paint tin full of bottle caps! Over the holidays I made tons of bottle cap magnets. Looks like it's time for a new batch! Maybe I could use the monogram I designed for our wedding and create wedding favors.........*new project gleam in her eyes*

My sister gave me the Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture (travel edition). It is amazing. Phaidon is one of my favorite publishers. If you've never seen their books, I suggest you start looking. They create beautiful books on art, architecture, and design. I also own The House Book, but would definitely take any given to me. I would also gladly work for them; I love book design.

Have fun perusing their book collection, and I'll get some photos up soon!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I don't like to send boring mail.

Today I sent a birthday card to my friend in Chicago. I'd been wanting to try embroidering, so I took the chance! Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture of it until I was walking to the mailbox (sad face), but maybe she'll take one for me to post... I think it turned out pretty well. I used bright yellow and pink and a soft blue. Joining together two index cards, I embroidered "Happy 23" on one side, and a birthday cake on both sides. That way I had room on the back to write a note :)

Now I'd hate to leave you without a picture, so I'll also include a postcard I sent to my friend in NYC:

Yes, that is a dinosaur munching on pizza while destroying an ugly, yet famous, building (what can I say? I studied architecture). And it's all relevant to the postcard, no worries.

I LOVE to send and receive postcards. I'd much rather have a postcard sent to me than a souvenir. And while they are exciting in their own right, I also love decorating them to add a more personal touch :) I also tend to write too much, because who enjoys just getting "Wish you were here?"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Handmade & A Contest

Oh so many beautiful items! I absolutely love etsy and the handmade pledge. Ikea is all well and good, but it lacks the beauty and personal touch of handmade items. It gets me all excited just thinking about it. Visit oh, hello friend to enter!

I do have my own etsy shop, but it needs work. I love making things, and my goal is to eventually sell arts and crafts and designs for a living. I really want my own design studio where I do graphic design as well as fashion, furniture, product, you name it! I'm working on it all the time; learning to do new things, and trying to surround myself with beautiful designs.

Right now I'm in the process of refurbishing my old dresser and adding a plexiglass door to the bookshelves Alex and I made about a month ago. Once I have those done I'll post pics! (It's all very exciting). Take care!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Valentine Plushies

Ok, so I know this was last month, but I see my fiance's and am still amazed by its cuteness. I have the sudden urge to make 23 of them and arrange them happily on our living room wall. What do you think?

I know: really bad picture, but it's the only one I have with all three (one for my sister, one for Alex, and one for my friend Jimmie...the one for Alex's sister is not pictured).

Would that I had a photo of the amazing valentine I sent to my girlfriend in New York...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Knitted Grass Creature

I finally finished my first knitting project! I had to learn a lot of new things, since all I knew was how to knit and purl. Now I can slip slip knit, knit front and back, reattach yarn, and felt (sort of...). I must have messed up somewhere, because the two sides didn't fit wrong sides together, but facing the same way. As such stitching them together was a little difficult. But he still turned out really cute!

Anyway! This adorable little guy is thanks to the pattern by Mochimochi, an amazingly talented knitter. I also tried to use her mattress stitch tutorial to sew the two sides of the creature together.

I checked off every line on the pattern so I wouldn't get lost.

Here's the first side finished!

Felted, stitched, stuffed, and now with eyes!

Standing tall like this beautiful little grass creature should:

I'd like to make at least two more. I had an inspiration the other night: I'm going to put them in a window box (like for putting flowers in your window)! I'm very excited about it. Then maybe I'll knit some flowers (like these calla lilies from
Knitty) and snails to go along with them... I can't wait to see it all together!