Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Batman Bag!

I've been sitting on this pattern by Lula Louise and this amazing Batman sheet I picked up at a thrift store for a while now. Finally I really needed another bag, and have the time, and decided to make it! It started off by me emptying out my giant box of sewing stuff. Since I'm an amateur and very poor, the only things I really keep on hand are scraps from old clothing and thrift stores and a few pieces of sale fabric I couldn't pass up. After sifting through, I cut the pattern out of the Batman sheet and some white linen. The pattern doesn't call for pockets, but I need them. I used yellow t-shirt sleeves to back a couple villains; I made a double pocket with a flap; and I made a couple invisible pockets on the Batman fabric.

After getting the pockets on, I was back to the pattern. Sewing the two pieces together wasn't bad (well, curves are slightly problematic). The bottom of the bag was really the hardest part (besides the pockets). It called for a basting stitch to gather it around the short ends, but that didn't really work too well for me. I did better when I just gathered it by hand. Of course, at this point it was 2am ;) I also actually pressed the fabric every time I was supposed to!! I'm so proud of myself for actually trying to make something pretty... (Also, notice my beautifully color-coded pins *swoon*)

Once I had the bottom sewn on, I turned the bag right side out and whip stitched the hole closed. Isn't she beautiful? *tear*

I'm really jazzed with how it turned out.

*note: I had to cut the Batman side in two pieces, because I wanted the pattern to be right side up on both sides! *pats self on back for foresight*


  1. That looks really awesome!!!!!!!! Good job. Wanna make me a cool bag with lots of pockets??

  2. hehe Thanks :) I'd love to. More than on mine? And what fabric would you like? =*

  3. Um, what are my choices? Something that's not too bright, but something pretty and that reflects my personality.

  4. Beth, thanks for the great pattern!

    Melissa, anything you want. Any particular patterns you like? (paisley, flowers, stripes, etc....)