Monday, March 16, 2009


What a great birthday!! Between my fiance and his parents, I received a whole bucket of yarn and several sets of knitting needles! I'm going to be busy for months :D I can't wait to start on some new projects! I've been rather busy, but I should be finishing up the grass creatures soon.

From some friends I also received a paint tin full of bottle caps! Over the holidays I made tons of bottle cap magnets. Looks like it's time for a new batch! Maybe I could use the monogram I designed for our wedding and create wedding favors.........*new project gleam in her eyes*

My sister gave me the Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture (travel edition). It is amazing. Phaidon is one of my favorite publishers. If you've never seen their books, I suggest you start looking. They create beautiful books on art, architecture, and design. I also own The House Book, but would definitely take any given to me. I would also gladly work for them; I love book design.

Have fun perusing their book collection, and I'll get some photos up soon!

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