Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Knitted Grass Creature

I finally finished my first knitting project! I had to learn a lot of new things, since all I knew was how to knit and purl. Now I can slip slip knit, knit front and back, reattach yarn, and felt (sort of...). I must have messed up somewhere, because the two sides didn't fit wrong sides together, but facing the same way. As such stitching them together was a little difficult. But he still turned out really cute!

Anyway! This adorable little guy is thanks to the pattern by Mochimochi, an amazingly talented knitter. I also tried to use her mattress stitch tutorial to sew the two sides of the creature together.

I checked off every line on the pattern so I wouldn't get lost.

Here's the first side finished!

Felted, stitched, stuffed, and now with eyes!

Standing tall like this beautiful little grass creature should:

I'd like to make at least two more. I had an inspiration the other night: I'm going to put them in a window box (like for putting flowers in your window)! I'm very excited about it. Then maybe I'll knit some flowers (like these calla lilies from
Knitty) and snails to go along with them... I can't wait to see it all together!


  1. I want a knitted snail/slug! They're so cute!

    However, from a practical standpoint I think the lilies may be too heavy for the grass/snail.

  2. Literally too heavy, or visually? Because the calla lilies will (I think) actually turn out a bit smaller than the grass.