Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I finally finished refurbishing my dresser! I used a darker blue than on my other dresser, but with accents that match it. I bought brushed nickel knobs that match the handles on other one, too. It's all very exciting. Alex and I also rearranged our small, messy closet (it was about time), which makes me very happy.

Here's the before:

Notice the fake double drawers, the molding, and the lovely brass handles and knobs.

First things first, we took off the molding above and below the bottom drawers. We recarved the feet. Then I sanded down the entire thing. I was hoping to get it down to the wood and restain it, but the varnish was unbelievable thick. But at least I got to use my new electric palm sander!

I did the drawers first. I used wood putty to fill the old holes, and redrilled new ones for just two knobs on each drawer. Then came the spray paint. Parts of them got this weird stippling effect, but I was too cheap to buy primer or anything, so I just agreed to let that be an interesting texture. I love this photo: the clouds reflected in the blue.

I painted the entire dresser blue, except the feet, which I painted the lighter color. Alex sawed the front molding piece out of a flat board and I painted it the lighter color, too.

Finally I added all the knobs and screwed the front piece, then put in all the clothes! Yay finish!

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  1. Nice, although I can't see it well! Good job!