Sunday, August 29, 2010

You Amaze Me, Snorkeling!

We had sooo much fun on our vacation! One of our favorite activities was snorkeling :D I loved getting a glimpse of a completely different world. It's no wonder, with all the strange plants and animals, that centuries ago sailors brought back all kinds of crazy and magical stories!

On our snorkeling adventures...

There were stripey fish

And iridescent fish

Grazing blue tangs

And dancing parrot fish

We saw yellow coral

And purple coral!

But most of all

I loved swimming with

the sting rays!

Yay for snorkeling!
(See more of my photos in my Flickr stream)


  1. Beautiful! I'm going to have to go that someday. It looks so peaceful. :)

  2. very awesome! Looks like a fun adventure!!

  3. I second your 'yay' for snorkeling. Love it!