Sunday, August 1, 2010

You Amaze Me, Bicycles

There are some amazing bicycles out there.

Bicycles to match their owners

A functional, wooden bicycle built by a 16 year-old

Folding, electric Grasshopper bikes

A concept bike with a recyclable frame

I'm just glad to have a bike I can ride.
(Mine's a Trek)

They're eco- and waistline friendly, fun to ride, and pretty to see.
In any shape, you amaze me, bicycles :)

What's your ride?


  1. I love my bike, even though I rarely get to ride it.
    I have a lime green Electra Townie^__^

  2. Great post! I love all three of my bikes, they serve such different purposes! I have a bike for commuting, a bike for racing, and a fun cruiser...I think they're the best accessory a gal can have. :-D

  3. those are some sweet bikes! :) I have a Specialized Myka and a Specialized Tri-cross bike. My dad has a Trek tho.'