Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Flavors for Vegetables

I just got this new book from Williams Sonoma. Actually, I got a whole set! I was debating buying this book ($23) until I saw a set of four on sale (from $80) for only $20!! My friend and I each got one :D I've already made several dishes, and I absolutely love it.

Since I mainly cook vegetables, it's exciting to find new ways to prepare them! So far we've had a delicious mint snow pea salad, tasty potatoes with chives, and zucchini "pasta." With each dish, I've learned a new technique! Not only does it have clear directions, it also includes beautiful photographs of each dish and descriptions of the ingredients. Plus, the recipes are sorted by season, so it's easy to locate fresh ingredients. I highly recommend this book if you love veggies!


  1. Fun! Where did you order the books from?

  2. I got them at Williams Sonoma in Barton Creek :)