Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Etsy Finds: Constellations

Long-time readers may know that I'm obsessed with the sky. My favorite thing about camping is getting away from city lights so I can see the stars! So why has it taken me this long to do an Etsy Finds post about stars? Beats me :) But here we go!

I'll start things off with this gorgeous silkscreen print by christinetillman:

And I love this "Urban Constellation" photograph by Zyada:

I'd wear these funky Ursa Major earrings by chingchinjewellery:

Maybe I'd pair them with this awesome constellation t-shirt by nonfictiontees:

And add in this constellation army tag necklace by Markhed:

I'm in love with this mini Aurora Borealis oil painting by HonourYourPet:

I want to decorate my house with these paper German stars by KeriLouNewYork:

And I can't forget these adorable Starry Owl prints from boygirlparty:

I'm thinking I may have to add a star-themed line to my shop. Hmm....=)


  1. love it! Stars are one of my fav too!! I would love to see some stars in your etsy shop!!

  2. thanks for featuring me! I appreciate it!!