Thursday, December 24, 2009

Red + White + Green


Alex and I love to make salsa! Since we've been crazy busy and he had to work today, I made it by myself this year :-) As usual, I forgot the peppers the first time I went to the store. Luckily it's right up the road! Oddly enough, the electricity was out in the neighborhood for 2 hours today >_< It was that crazy wind storm. I had to wait until we had power to use the blender. Shopping in the dark was fun though ;-) And in the end...

I got to take this lovely Christmas-colored produce:

And turn it into these wonderful gifts!

We also have some little UT cloths to go with the salsa jars. How Texan are we?!  haha I love it ^_^


  1. I love salsa! I bet yours is yummy!

  2. Thanks! I hope everyone else thinks so, too :)