Friday, December 18, 2009

I ♥ Bows

I generally like more masculine clothing, but I looove ridiculously girly touches with it. Like bows. They really look good on (virtually) anything. How can you not love sweet, lovely bows?

Bows on hats and bows on whales

Bows on drawings and bows on rings
(via We♥It)

Bows on sweets and sweet bows on Zooey
(via We♥It)

I've started knitting bows (like the one on my girly scarf). I want to make more. Once the holidays are over, I think I'll have my hand at a really big one! Bows, bows, bows...=)

PS: Today we saw a guy with a HUGE bushy beard. I decided that if I could grow one, I would totally wear bows in it.


  1. I LOVE bows too but mine is more of an obsession to put them in my little girls hair. she has every color of the rainbow. Both of her bow holders are filled to capacity, Ive even been known to wear hers too >.<

  2. I love your blog, just found you today! I too love bows on things...but my obsession is definitely flowers. Craft projects rarely escape my fascination with flowers.

  3. I'm glad you like bows, too!
    Thank you thank you :)