Thursday, August 13, 2009

Replies and Pomanders?

A quick update!

So far we've gotten back about a dozen reply cards. About half of them are decorated (not bad, considering we invited old people ;)). I just can't wait to get home every day to see if we've gotten any new ones! So far we've gotten some spectacular doodles and a couple masterpieces. My brother, an artist living in San Diego, drew a crouched and ready-for-action Wolverine, shouting "Am I pretty?" [Because the instructions were to "Draw us something pretty."] Hilarious. We also received a beautiful watercolor of butterflies from some family friends. I really can't wait to see what else people create for us!!

I went to a class last night at Austin Handmade, hosted by Wondercraft. Beth was a wonderful teacher, and she and I brainstormed different ways to make the pomanders for my wedding decorations. It was great! I'll definitely upload pics once I finish. Also, Austin Handmade is such a cool little shop. So glad I finally made it in there to snoop. Maybe one day I'll sell my work there, too ;)

For now, I'll sign off. It's been a really busy month so far, and it's not looking like it'll let up! But I thrive on tight schedules, so you know I'm not too worried. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Are you doing pomanders for the wedding or the reception?

  2. Reception. I'm not really doing any decorations for the wedding, since we'll be in a gorrrrgeous setting :)