Sunday, August 2, 2009

Presents for the Chanithans

Mr. & Mrs. Chanithan (Chani + Jonathan) have two cats. A couple of weeks ago, one of their cats becamely deathly ill. So as not to worry you, I will reveal that now, after a blood transfusion and lots of rest, the cat is very healthy again! But while he was sick, some friends and I got together to make something for them. I made peanut butter fudge (to die for.) and a cat card! Completely silly and goofy, but I love the cat card!

Then the other night, while we were playing games, I knit a tiny white huggle. It's so cute ^_^ In my head I named it Diddle, but I'm not sure what the new owners will call it. It was small enough that I decided to use yarn for the eyes instead of plastic ones, and I even added a little mouth. The Chanithans loved it so much that they decided to take him home. I hope they are very happy with him!

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