Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sewing day

Hello there!

Yesterday I went over to Becky's for a sewing day with a few girls. It was splendid! Despite having to lug my monster of a sewing machine (I keep meaning to upload a photo), it was a day well spent. Using my Sew What! Bags book I've mentioned before, I sewed a cute little zippered wristlet that I adore. [Once I finish this post, I'll upload it to my etsy shop!] Everyone seemed to get a lot of work done, which is always joyful. I also started on another bag that I plan to finish this afternoon. I'm using this great graffiti fabric, as I call it, that I found in the $1/yard rack at Wal-Mart. You'll see photos once I'm done ;)

Lately I've also been working on wedding planning...*sigh* It's such a task. But I won't be discouraged! I started designing our invitations yesterday, and need to get those finished this week (since they have to go out VERY soon!). Then there are the baby shower invites I'm making for my best friend (whose sister-in-law is pregnant). Those should also be finished up this week. Lots of projects right now! I have a busy week ahead....

In the meantime, please enjoy my zippered wristlet photos! (Comments are always welcome ;))


  1. I can tell you had a lot of fun with this photo shoot as well!

    The invitations were absolutely spectacular. I'm so excited to send them out and hear all the responses about how great they are! I'm totally going to put something in the invitation for people to contact you if they want personalized invitations.