Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camp Drawings

As you may know, my current day job is teaching swim lessons at a preschool/daycare/summer camp (ages 3-12). Right now the pool is broken, so I've been subbing in different areas of the school. Today I was with a group of campers mostly ages 5-6. I got to teach art today! Who doesn't love to spend a couple hours coloring with the kiddos? :)

I led a project where everyone grabbed two colored pencils and started a drawing. After a couple minutes, we all passed our papers to the left and continued on one another's drawings. We kept passing around the circle until everyone got their own drawings back (thankfully we wrote our names down first - several didn't recognize theirs!). What a fun project day! We only had a couple hiccups, but it went pretty smoothly. [Most of] the kids loved their drawings! Here are mine:

The last one is my favorite :) I want to get together a group of friends and do the same thing....I wonder if they'd be interested.

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  1. I would totally be interested. That's really cute!