Sunday, July 5, 2009

Graffiti Bag

Finished the second bag! Thought I'd go ahead and upload a couple pics, because I love it sooo much ^_^ I designed a bag like this a long time ago, but never got around to making it. It fits a sketchbook perfectly, with room to spare for my billfold, then has pockets for phone, keys, pens, etc. And it has the amazing graffiti fabric, with an A on front :D

Things to change on the next one:
- Make the strap a little wider.
- Maybe add depth for ease of packing/unpacking.
- Add lining to make it a little stronger.
- Maybe add a closure for the flap...nothing too hard to get open.

But those are all little things that aren't too important - just to make it more personalized to my lifestyle. I love the bag as it is!

1 comment:

  1. Nice!!! I like it! I think it's a good idea to make it a little deeper ... maybe a wider base, too. Not that you want to make it too big, but it might be nice to but two sketchbooks in there ;)