Monday, April 6, 2009

Batman Zippered Pouch!

I forgot to post about this project :) After the huge success of my Batman bag, I decided to try my luck at making a matching zippered pouch! I'd never made anything with a zipper before, but I inherited a shoebox full of them from my grandmother last fall. Unfortunately most of them are pretty long, so I picked the smallest I could find (6") and made a little bag off of that. Luckily I also inherited a sewing machine and a zipper foot :) (I did have to google zipper foot images, because I had no idea what they looked like!)

I cut out a great Batman and Batplane from my Batman sheet to use as the outside. I lined it with the same linen I used for the opposite side of my Batman bag. If you've never sewn with a zipper before either, there's a great tutorial at twelve22. One thing I learned (that should have been obvious, but I make silly mistakes) is that you want the fabric to be longer than your zipper! Mine was, but just barely. Next time I'll give myself a little more leeway. For the strap I'm just using my camera case strap! Haha - I wasn't planning on using a strap, but decided to take the pouch as my "clutch" downtown last weekend and it definitely helped!

I really like it. It's the perfect size for my phone, credit card, and lip balm. It also perfectly fits pens and pencils. And it feels great in the hand. I hope you like it :)