Thursday, April 16, 2009

Huggles (unless I can think of a better name)

My real inspiration for knitting was Boo [seen on the right]. One of my friends was kind enough to buy him for me (in return for Chinese food the night before) at a convention a couple months back. He was so adorable I couldn't walk away from the artist's booth! When I eventually make my steam punk comic, he will be featured as my pet. He'll either be a weird creature from far away (I'll have to work in outer space and/or a fantasy theme) or a mechanical creature with a cozy skin. Anyway!

A couple weeks ago at a Stitch 'n' Bitch session with the lovely Becky, I learned how to knit with DPN. Success! I took a couple patterns and modified them to create the pictured fuzzy creatures. I'm in love. I've named the purple one Bog. I haven't named the yellow one, because I don't want to get too attached! I want to sell a few on my etsy shop, which really needs some work! That'll be on my plate this month: redo the etsy shop!

I also started a knitting class this week. One session last night and one next Wednesday. We're making a French market bag! Let me tell you, getting started knitting in the round on four needles (using five total) is craaazy! What a pain. But it will be a beautiful gray and purple bag, and I can't wait to see it all finished up :) I'll probably be working on that while I'm recovering from my oral surgery next Monday (not a big deal, but I'll be out for a couple days). Hopefully I'll be able to felt it in class next Wednesday!