Sunday, September 5, 2010

You Amaze Me, Barton Springs!

Yesterday we (hubby and friends) spent all afternoon at Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Park. It's fed from natural springs and is 3 acres large. It's also an average of 68° (read: COLD). The only way we could get in was by jumping!

After a couple minutes we could feel our arms and legs again. We swam up and down the length of the pool, trying to avoid the grass and algae. So much fun! I can't believe that in 5 years of living in Austin this was my first time to swim at Barton Springs. It definitely won't be the last!

I think I'll go during the next full moon - everyone howls at the moon! I think that's an experience worth braving the cold water for :) I also still need to see the Barton Springs Salamander! It's endangered and only lives in Barton Springs and surrounding area. Neat :D

For your beautiful and fun environment, you amaze me, Barton Springs!


  1. It is pretty awesome! I love seeing all the different people hanging out together!