Sunday, June 7, 2009

Steampunk Costumes!!!!

Oh, I absolutely loved dressing steampunk, and meeting tons of steampunk people at A-kon! We had over three dozen photos taken of us. Our group was even asked by Babbage Patch Kids to be in a publication. We'll see how that turns out, but either way I'm excited! This is my favorite costume I've made so far. And I already have ideas on what I'll do next for it...I'm thinking some sort of corset dress, and it will be beautiful. I just need to work for a little longer so I can buy nicer fabric this time...
Enjoy the photos!!

I sewed my collar, sleeves, bloomers, bustle (my first finished - with lace and ribbon - piece!), and arm piece (reversible with cufflinks! swoon). I also sewed Alex's cowl, which we both looove. I embroidered our little pirate flags on the way to the con in the car (haha). We each painted our own guns. Alex made our leather holsters and all the metalwork (paintbrush/dart gun, arm pieces, monocle) you see! He is truly amazing.

[Oh, and to explain: We're an airship pirate crew, the Rogue Alchemists. In the middle is Captain "Chopstick" James. I'm Frigg - First Mate, mechanic, and artist. Tane (Alex) is on the right; he's our sniper, musician, and secondary mechanic. (Web comic coming eventually!)]

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  1. I love your costumes. I think it's so exciting that you may make it into a publication, you'll have to let me know so I can get a copy!